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If you are thinking of making a trip to Valencia or coming to our restaurant
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this time of the year, it’s the best thing you can think of! The heat gets hotter and in the evenings it cools down, but until then, let them take away your walk!

As you probably know, Valencians stand out for many things, some better and some worse. What is clear is that our paella is recognized worldwide. Everyone who comes to Spain, and more specifically to Valencia, wants to try Valencian paella. The one with rice, chicken, rabbit and vegetables -artichoke, flat green bean and garrofò-. Yes, Valencian paella is not rice with stuff. Therefore, so that you can enjoy the best paellas in our city, we leave you with the best places where you can find it. Enjoy!

Paella Valenciana in the center

La Riuà

One of the best restaurants to try Valencian paella as it is a family restaurant. it is a family restaurantwith a long paella tradition. Although they specialize in rice dishes of all types, it is true that their specialty is traditional Valencian paella.

With an incredible flavor, made with wood and with the typical love that puts the grandmother, the Riuà will surprise you not only with its paella, but with its arroç melós, its arroç a banda, the negre or the one with vegetables.


Located in the heart of the Carmen neighborhood, in what is known as the Ciutat Vella, the Yuso Restaurant will surprise you with its style. A cozy place, with family touches and that, in addition, is one of the few places that maintains lunchtime menus on weekendsThis is a great thing, especially for Valencians! Although they specialize in many rice dishes, their Valencian paella stands out not only for its flavor, but also for its professionalism.

How to get to El Yuso Restaurant

El Racó de la Paella

Although it is quite far from the center of Valencia and is located on the first floor of the Town of CampanarNear the church, the Racó de la Paella is one of the best restaurants to go to if you want to try a really spectacular paella. Valencians from the area and the surrounding area always go there. Its tradition of making paella over firewood and with great care and patience, make this paella a very special place. restaurant one of the best paelleros of all time..

How to get to El racó de la Paella

Valencian Paella by the beach

La Pepica

One of the best known restaurants in the Las Arenas area of Valencia. La Pepica is one of the oldest restaurants in the area and is also one of the most emblematic for all Valencians. With an incredible taste for rice dishes, La Pepica is one of the best in the world. restaurants in the area to try Valencian paella. Of course, their other rice dishes are also very famous as they have a hand that very few restaurants still have with their rice dishes.

How to get to La Pepica

The Llevant

Founded in 1907, it has a deep-rooted history in the paella sector. Of course, its decades of activity endorse it, but also the fact that it has belonged since then to the same family that has treated it with care and affection. Specializing in Valencian paellas to firewood, el Llevant is one of the best places to go to eat a Valencian paella in the Patacona area.. Enjoying the sun and a good Valencian paella on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea is priceless, but location is!

How to get to el restautante llevant

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