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4 tips to choose the bride’s costume for her bachelorette party

Summer arrives, the heat arrives and with it comes a host of weddings, but first…!The bachelorette party! There is nothing better than a wedding and that is that, along with the bride, the friends have a quinceañera party -just as they will do at the reception- but without men invited.

The idea of the bachelorette party is not just to go out, party, party and enjoy yourself. NO!!! In every bachelorette party there is a reason darker and more hidden than all of the above: whoring the bride.

Yes, you know it, we know it and the bride knows it. You know perfectly well that on the day of his farewell he will be exposed in front of the whole world and that he will not have a very good time in the tests you put him through. It is clear that there are many games that you can do in a bachelorette party, but, if there is a perfect way to to whore the bride is to disguise her. Yes, disguise it.

Costumes for a bachelorette party

The origins of the costumes date back to ancient Egypt, with the bacchanals that were held in honor of Bacchus, the god of wine. Obviously, if we’re going to drink… we have to dress up!

However, it is important to know that, when it comes to costume costumes for the bachelorette partyIt’s all very trite. Although it is true that everything has a solution there are things that, despite what many of you may think, there are several things that are already very old-fashioned in bachelorette parties.

Cocks on the head: It’s cool to put a penis on the girlfriend’s head, but… he’s older than a grandfather soaking in water!

Angels and DemonsIdem a lo anterior.

Phosphorous colorsThey are not bad, but you already give enough of a fuss without doing it so much.

Tips for choosing the best costume for the bride

Knowing that there are things that can be done and others that can’t, that there are things that are already too trite, it’s time to think about what you are going to dress up as. Yes, you all end up dressing up and you know it.

The fact is that there are a number of things to keep in mind when choosing costumes for the bachelorette party costumes for the bachelorette party..

The stage

It is important to know where you are going to celebrate the bachelorette party before choosing the bride’s bride’s costume. It may seem very obvious, but very few of you take into account the location of the farewell party and this is often the reason why the bride ends up removing the costume and the farewell is not the same.

If you are going to celebrate on a boat, it is not the same as in a spa. Keep this in mind to prevent the bride from getting her way.

The budget

Many times, with all the fronts to pay for, it is very normal that the budget for the costume is not enough. costume is quite small, but no problem! There is always the option of making the costume totally homemade, which is almost more fun than anything else. Our recommendation?

Pirate friends, parrot girlfriend. Very how I met your mother, but that will give you much more game to test the bride.

The bride’s style

If there is one thing that is very clear, it is that the bachelorette party costume it has to be in accordance with the bride’s style. You can’t dress the bride like a pornstar, do a little bit of work on it! Therefore, it is very important that you take very seriously to suit the bride, her style and her taste. In addition to taking into account everything mentioned above.

The objective

Each farewell has a purposeEach group of friends wants to achieve one thing or another, so another thing to keep in mind is what you want to happen. If the idea -unique and exclusive- is to embarrass the bride, look for a costume for it. However, if what you want is to get attention, a costume is the best option.

Remember that everything in a farewell, although it may not seem like it, has to be programmed to the millimeter so that there are no mistakes later on. If you just want to worry about the gift and the costumeyou have it very easy: hire a bachelorette party pack!
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