Survival kits for farewell parties



Discover how to prepare survival kits for bachelorette and bachelor parties.

With the arrival of the wedding season, it is quite normal for bachelorette and bachelor parties to be in full swing. The vast majority of groups of friends prepare the bachelor and bachelorette parties with a long time in advance and thinking about the benefit of all -although less of the groom, you know-. This implies that, in the vast majority of cases, groups of friends go away for a long and festive weekend to celebrate the bachelor and bachelorette party.
Although both girls and guys enjoy the madness of saying goodbye to your friend’s bachelorhood, it is true that each one has a completely different rhythm. So that you can support this rhythm with the best face and a lot of energy, we present you the different survival kits for bachelorette and bachelor parties.

Survival kits for bachelorette parties.

For women, a bachelorette party usually starts on Saturday morning at the latest. This implies that a huge group of friends will go to enjoy a weekend of partying, adventure and the happiness of accompanying their friend in her last moments as a bachelor.

However, even if they party as hard as they do, it is true that when it comes to survival kits, they are much more special. Here are the three basic survival kits for all bachelorette parties.

Beauty Survival Kit:

We all know: women are very flirtatious. That’s why one of the must-have survival kits is the beauty kit. To make it, you only need to add the following ingredients:

“Makeup base.
“Eye grating -liquid or solid-.

All this will help you to always look your best.

🌞 Solar survival kit:

In the vast majority of bachelorette parties, there is one day that is spent on beach time or, at least, in the sun. No matter what plan you propose, a boat party, a day at the beach, multi-activities at the sea, etc…
Therefore, we advise you to add to this survival kit:

“A fan.
“A spare bikini.
” Water bottle.

🥳 Kit of festival survival:

Obviously, this is one of the most important survival kits since the party is the essential part. Therefore, it is essential that in this type of survival kits, you add:

“A flask -choose the alcohol of your choice-.
“Something sweet.
“A pack of cigarettes -for those who smoke and for those who don’t-.
“A bottle of water -for the sake of dehydration-.

With these survival kits there will be no problem to be able to face the bachelorette party in the best of ways and, of course, always to the fullest.

Survival kits for bachelor parties

It is obvious that, if they have many more survival kits, they have rather few. Not for nothing but because they are much simpler and simpler since appearances do not matter, only enjoyment. Therefore, we present the following bachelor party survival kits.

🌞 Beach survival kit:

Like them, men also like to enjoy a day at the beach. While it is true that they tend to be more active, they still need a survival kit. It doesn’t matter if you are going to enjoy a boat party, a series of water multiadventures, or whatever you want! To do so, you must include:

“Berets or little hats.
“A spare fardahuevos.
” Water bottle.

🥳 Festival survival kit:

As in the case of the girls, the boys also party hard. So, in order to survive it and make it through the night and, of course, the whole weekend, this is what you need:

“A flask full of whiskey -only for the strongest, otherwise you can choose.
“A pack of cigars -or tobacco, as you wish-.
“A bottle of water -for the after party-.
“Something sweet -or recuperative-.

With these survival kits, your bachelor or bachelorette party is assured. You won’t have to worry about a thing!!!

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