How to survive a bachelorette party



Discover how to survive a bachelorette party

How to Survive a Farewell, the movie

Following the premise of “spring, the blood alters”, we recommend this Spanish comedy Spanish comedy based on one of the best parties in the world: the bachelorette party! bachelorette party!

Manuela Moreno’s film tells the story of the bachelorette party rampage of five friends who, in Gran Canaria, discover how to survive a bachelorette party. how to survive a bachelorette party.

As is often the case, the bride’s friends organize a getaway so that the bride is the only one who doesn’t enjoy it. The film focuses on the group’s crazy weekend, each one more unique than the next. The main idea of the film is to tell the story of the craziness of the bachelorette partiestrying to break those taboos that still exist around these celebrations -although we do not cut ourselves, you know that-.

Despite not having been released yet, the film already has a good number of positive and negative reviews. We, who only go by the trailers, can’t wait to see it!It’s going to be a bomb!

How to Survive a Bachelorette Party, Ace of Spades Tips

While we’re on the subject, in Ace of Spades we could not resist giving you some tips that, as experts in the field, we know that will help you with the memories of your bachelorette party.

It is very common to have gaps, poor photos and a long etcetera, so we leave you the three tips from Ace of Spades how to survive a bachelorette party.

Do not wear high heels or tube mini-skirts.

In this life of dinner shows and organization of bachelorette parties bachelorette partiesWe have already seen it all and although we hate to say it… Sometimes you make a big mess! The worst of the hen party is that alcohol consumption is guaranteed at any time and that you usually walk a lot, so high heels are not the best choice to go on a bachelorette party. They are not unless you want to rip your feet off the next day from the pain.

The miniskirt on the other hand can be quite treacherous. You would not be the first to wear them higher than you should and show areas of your body that you may not want to. It’s the first rule of how to survive a goodbye.

Don’t go near rubber dicks if you are drunk and there is a camera nearby.

Worst of all. They are the typical photos in which I always go out but in which no one really wants to be present. The problem of mixing alcohol, partying, farewell from bachelorette party and rubber dicks is that things can go wrong and you won’t be the first – or the last – to show up doing what you don’t want to be seen in a photo.

Make yourself a bracelet with your home address

You never know what can happen at a farewell farewell at bachelorette party and, as we have already said, the mix of tremendously fun factors can be an explosion of cluelessness. And the worst and the one that many people commit is to forget their own name. So if you are one of those who might end up in an undesirable place or out of town… It would be best to wear a bracelet with your address on it! At least this way you make sure you can get home, right?

Celebrate your bachelorette party in style

If you also want to live the best experience in your bachelorette party bachelorette party in the purest style of “How to survive a bachelorette party“this is the place for you!

In As de Picas we organize everything for you, from transportation, to the boys and the place to go out to party. What we care most is that it is one of the best memories of your life and that is why we put our best foot forward and offer you the best of the best.

¡Find out how to survive a farewell with us!!

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How to survive a bachelorette party

Discover how to survive a bachelorette party How to Survive a Farewell, the movie Following the premise of “spring, the blood alters”, we recommend this

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