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THE GOOD WEATHER IS FINALLY BACK!!! We, of course, are mouth watering at the thought. We have the privilege of living in La Terreta, the best place in Spain. In March we already have incredible weather that is the envy of any other part of the country. That’s why we are so excited!!! With the weather being what it is, who doesn’t want to be out in the sun for a while? Laying back and enjoying a good afternoon with friends in the sun and laughter? Who doesn’t want to spend the evening having a few drinks and enjoying time with friends?

The good weather is here and with it, the mess in the purest Valencian style:the boat parties begin! Yes, you are reading it right, in fiestasbarcovalencia we start to move and organize ourselves so that you can enjoy one of the best days of your life. You have a birthday party and want to have a pirate fun on a ship? A bachelorette party where the bride is crazy about the sea? A bachelor party where you want to give the groom a hard time? We are your site!!! The moment you were waiting for has finally arrived and we are launching, once again, our water activities for you to spend an unforgettable day, not only with the best company, but also in the best place in the world!

boat parties Valencia

Organize your bachelor party on a boat in Valencia

Organizing a bachelor or bachelorette party is not easy.
is not easy. There are too many opinions and things to take into account, such as what the bride or groom likes, the plan you are going to make, who goes and who doesn’t, etc. In the end, it’s normal to go crazy! But don’t worry, you can have a perfect plan to everyone’s liking in the simplest way: celebrates the event -whatever it may be- on a boat. Because yes, saying “I have a birthday” is not the same as saying “I have a birthday and we’re going on a catamaran to spend the day sunbathing, partying and swimming”. Or, “I’m going on a bachelorette party to Valencia” to “I’m going on a bachelorette party to Valencia and we’re going to make a big deal out of it on a boat party on the high seas.” Does it change or not? We know that the fact of putting a boat or boat party next to the event makes it much more appetizing, and how could it not! A boat is a boat, it is freedom, but this one is also a party, it is fun, it is possibilities, it is meeting people, it is… A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE!!!!

Just imagine the sun, the breeze, the water touching and brushing your skin… Can you think of anything better? A catamaran, your friends or whoever with you, drinks, music, partying and an incredible atmosphere. What more could you ask for from the weekend? Many are satisfied with a night out, hardcore for their bachelor party but there are people who are worth much more, who have more incentive and know what is good. And yes, you are the ones who choose boat parties to celebrate your farewell! Besides, this is not the only thing you will get if you celebrate your bachelor or bachelorette party with us, you will not miss anything. All our parties include an open bar, live DJ, entertainment and shows and theming for everyone on board. But watch out! It doesn’t end here because we will also prepare one of the best paellas in Valencia! Because things as they are: you can’t come to Valencia and not eat paella. It is impossible, unfeasible, criminal. Besides, with the party you are going to have on board, with all the racket there will be, how can you resist such an incredible dish of paella?

It doesn’t matter if you are from La Terreta or not, we don’t care if you have heard of us before or not, it only matters that you know and want to enjoy one of the best moments of your life. Organize your bachelor or bachelorette party with us, you will not regret it! Everything that happens on board, stays on board and is done with only one intention, to achieve what no participant has ever achieved: !that the bride or groom doesn’t get married! We know it is a very difficult challenge but we want to make your bachelorette party on a boat something unbeatable. But keep in mind that we won’t be involved in this feat, because we’ve already made it as easy as possible for you!

Boat parties in Valencia

If you haven’t made up your mind either, if you haven’t decided what to do and this hasn’t convinced you, we’re going to up the ante and give it our all: we’ll extend the dinner and from the boat we’ll go to a restaurant with a show.

Organize the best bachelor or bachelorette party you can imagine and on top of that, with the best! Get on board and enjoy one of the best days of your life where fun, laughter and enjoyment will not be missing at all. Enjoy the best bachelor or bachelorette party with a boat party in Valencia!

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