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Bachelor parties are more than just a night to go out to dinner with friends or family to celebrate someone getting married. Now you have the chance to do something more fun in a restaurant in the port of Valencia. But if, in addition to booking the dinner, you want to schedule other things and make the dinner something very special that all attendees will remember for the rest of their lives, here are several ideas to make the event much more fun and original.

Personalize the farewell

A bachelor party should be more than just a get-together, it should be a fun, friendly and memorable event. And for this reason, it is a classic that the people accompanying the groom-to-be dress him in some crazy and fun costume. A funny and attention-grabbing idea could be to put him in a costume of his favorite animal or superhero of his choice.


But if, in addition, the rest of the group wears t-shirts with your names and the funniest, craziest or most unflattering photo of the groom printed on each of them, you will make a difference.

The priority is to adapt the party to the tastes of the honoree to make it unique.

Spend some time outdoors

An outdoor farewell party can be a fabulous idea. There are fun and original options of activities that can be done, such as playing paintball, racing go-karts for a while, riding a water banana or trying the hilarious bubble soccer. The more adventurous opt for more extreme activities such as skydiving, canyoning, parasailing or paragliding.


However, the essential thing is that it is an activity that the groom is looking forward to, because it is his special day, and that it is something that all the guests can participate in and have a good time.

Limousines, a good option

Who wouldn’t like to feel like a millionaire for an hour? If the person getting married likes this option, the best thing to do is to
renting a limousine
. This is one of the most successful activities for bachelorette parties and if friends or family give her this treat, she will surely never forget it.

You will be picked up at the point of your choice and given a tour of the city, and during this time you will have music, drinks, decoration and uniformed chauffeur.


And why not organize a farewell party at sea?

Getting on a boat, dancing until you can’t stand it, enjoying a few mojitos or any of the drinks on offer and having a great time at sea is worth it. The

farewell catamaran

will take you for a ride and, when you disembark, you will have dinner ready at the restaurant, where you will dine with other farewell groups in an evening full of fun and laughter.

Water sports can also be a good option, flyborad, jet skis, jet skis, etc.


Night on the road

If hanging out on a boat doesn’t excite you because you’re more of a land-based person or you feel that the limousine doesn’t have enough space for all the people that are coming, there is another option you can consider: a party bus. These vehicles have everything you need to have a great time: sound system, lights, minibar, pool dance bar, comfortable limousine seats and giant screens.

You will be able to drink, dance and enjoy yourself while touring the city in the company of your best friends and family.

Let’s play!

Not all bachelor parties have to be crazy and wild. If what you want to plan, because it is what the groom would most like to do, is to spend a quiet evening, pay attention to the possibility of booking accommodation and scheduling tests or games for the groom and the attendants.

Renting a foosball or billiards table and organizing a competition, scheduling a wine tasting event, making a list of forbidden words that cannot be said during the night, or having the groom guess what his future wife’s underwear is are some of the ideas you can carry out. You can also ask the bride a series of questions and have the groom guess them during the farewell.

Themed dinners: guaranteed success!

If you really want the event to be a success, nothing better than resorting to one of the most requested activities nowadays in the farewell parties in Valencia: a themed dinner. The ambiance, the food, the activities, ….. everything will be based on a theme in which the protagonist will be you. Because it’s your night.

It is one of the most fun ways to spend the evening, participating, playing, laughing and, in short, enjoying a different kind of dinner in a restaurant at the port, which all attendees will remember.

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