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Options for the best dinner show

If you are thinking of organizing a dinner with a shownot everything has to be based on the same thing. The parties have to dazzle and leave a mark. No matter what you want to organize it for: a company dinner, a dinner with friends, a farewell party… whatever it is, to be memorable, all dinners must have a show!

And no, it’s not that we don’t want you not to enjoy a dinner among friends, you and your get-together, but we want you to be able to say “What a great time I had” when you remember that night. The good thing about Valencia is that it is a cosmopolitan city and has plans for all tastes, audiences, sectors and intentions. Of course, going out to dinner for a bachelor or bachelorette party is not going to be the same as going out to dinner because you have a birthday and want to liven up the evening in some way. Therefore, it is very important that you choose the site well and that you do it in a safe way, knowing what you are exposed to and, above all, that you are going to be right with your choice.

So that everyone can enjoy a party with a show we leave you four options to make it a dinner to remember.

Dinner with monologue

Enjoy one of the best dinners of your life, celebrating any event, and even a unique bachelorette party, with a monologue dinner. Enjoy an unforgettable dinner and show. Dinners with friends and laughter are much better, and with our monologuists, much more! Monologues are something that everyone likes and the truth is that they can be the point of differentiation in a dinner. Of course, it depends on one’s taste in jokes, but it is quite common to always laugh at monologue dinners. Never tried it? This is your moment!

Party Girls

If what you want is to celebrate a birthday or the best bachelorette party, what you have to do is to hire a Party Girl! With different animations and with all the material included, you will be able to enjoy a fun, entertaining and different dinner and show.. The party will be based on a representation of different games involving the hostess. Of course, you will all participate! Remember that a birthday or a farewell party has to be something that the hostess will always remember, especially if it is a special moment in her life, so it is important that you decide well the place and how you want to carry it out according to the tastes of the hostess and all the others.

Magic dinner

If you are more inclined to illusionism, your dinner with a show is possible! We know that fun is not only based on one type of entertainment and that is why we have prepared the best dinners with entertainment. No matter what the event is for!your dinner will be remembered forever if it is a magical dinner.!

Boys and Strippers

Of course, in any bachelor or bachelorette party, a good themed dinner must include the participation of a boy or a stripper -although it is true that it is usually a complementary service that not everyone wants-. We know that many of you love this kind of animations and that’s why we make it easy for you! Enjoying a a fun themed dinner at a bachelor or bachelorette party is much easier than you think.. You can do it as a group or exclusively for your farewell party, it’s up to you! Keep in mind that in this type of show the bride or groom is very exposed, so you have to be respectful of their decisions in case he or she does not want to have this type of entertainment at their farewell party.

Remember that in
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We are a family and we want to include you in it. We want you to enjoy your parties as much as we enjoy organizing them. Therefore, always make sure you hire a real service that does not have a crazy price compared to the offer.


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